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This new work from JOAN is near and dear to our hearts. Did you know that during the pandemic nearly 3.5MM moms stopped working outside of the home - some by choice, some by necessity and some at the hands of their employer. The workplace hasn't been friendly to moms and that HAS to change. Thing is, moms have all the skills to be great entrepreneurs. As an ally, Zen Business has agreed to fund the business formation costs for moms, believing the moms who become business owners will be the ones to bring change for everyone.

"All types of moms already have the skills needed to succeed as a business owner, from determination to patience to creativity and beyond. Starting a new business might sound scary, but moms already have a hard job, and owning a business is doable, and allows them to pursue their passions, with the flexibility to make a living on their own terms," said Ross Buhrdorf CEO and Co-founder of ZenBusiness. "While moms are a big part of The Great Resignation, we also expect mompreneurs to be key drivers to transform the workforce of the future because Moms Mean Business. All that’s left to do is for these moms to identify and launch their dream business."
Beginning today and stretching until October 15, ZenBusiness will help bring even more mom-owned businesses to life. As part of the Moms Mean Business campaign, ZenBusiness will cover business formation costs, getting these entrepreneurs through the big, first step of getting their business started.

Here's to ZenBusiness doing the work to be strong, present allies for millions of mothers. Video in comments.