Itty Bitty Ballers


Case Study

In 2017, GoDaddy was well established in Canada, but new to the website builder category where it was up against much better-known competitors such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Vistaprint.

People who knew GoDaddy knew it as a domain name company, but in fact the brand offered much more than that, including complete small business web solutions that make it really easy for any business, no matter how small, to bring business ideas to life online.

We just needed to find a way to dramatize this new service in a powerful and distinctive way so that we could stand out in a fiercely competitive market. A way that didn’t fall into the clichés of small business marketing – “we get you, no we get you, we really get you…”

So we decided to start a small business of our own - a truly remarkable and entirely made-up business that showed that anyone (no really, anyone) could start an online business using GoDaddy’s new tools.

And so Itty Bitty Ballers was born. Starring the well-loved Toronto Raptors star Jonas Valunciunas, our business was based on the admittedly unlikely idea that Jonas had started making and selling figurines of himself online.

We shot a TV ad, took over social accounts, 3D-printed the models and sold out in a week. Itty Bitty Ballers had become a cultural mini-phenomenon. Best of all, GoDaddy business boomed, with both customer numbers (7%) and revenue (16%) up year on year.

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