• Podcasting: No Longer A Niche Medium - Kelly Scott Madison

    Podcasting: No Longer A Niche Medium - Kelly Scott Madison

    Podcasting has officially become a mainstream audio medium. According to Edison’s 2019 Infinite Dial report, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast in 2019. In terms of hard numbers, there are currently over 700,000 podcasts that together produce a library of 29 million episodes, and Edison Research estimates that 73 million people tune in monthly, putting podcast listenership on par with streaming music. However despite recent audience growth, podcasts only made about $400 million from ads in 2018, while ad-based streaming music made well over $1 billion. Add to that the fact that podcast reach still lags behind terrestrial radio, the latter of which enjoys 92% weekly reach across U.S. households, and it’s clear that there’s plenty of ground left to gain. But the future looks bright, with industry forecasts predicting that podcast ad spend will increase to $1 billion by 2021 and audience growth will continue to accelerate. This massive opportunity on the horizon warrants a deeper dive into the space by answering a few key questions: What’s the current state of podcasting and who are the big players? How have measurement and discoverability recently evolved? What should savvy advertisers watch for in the coming years?

    Kelly Scott Madison, 06/28/2019

  • Is a CDP Right for My Business? - Kelly Scott Madison

    Is a CDP Right for My Business? - Kelly Scott Madison

    What is a CDP? A CDP, or consumer data platform, is an open database for customer information. It centralizes customer data from all sources, unifies this data into customer profiles, and then makes this data available to other systems for marketing campaigns, customer service, and all customer experience initiatives. It differs from some other common marketing technologies and platforms because it is not there to create another database or source of customer data. Rather, its purpose is to synchronize customer data for personalization and journey optimization across all possible touchpoints. Some things to know about CDPs: Typically managed by a marketer and not an IT analyst (though involvement from IT is still needed) Focused on both known customers or prospects who have opted in to something, and anonymous visitors to your site Unifies customer data from disparate sources, linking identity, behavior, purchase, and demographics together in a single record Activates data—rather than just storing it for later use—by creating actionable customer segments Supports real-time data streaming to take immediate action such as enabling site or app personalization or trigger emails Creates a persistent and unified customer database In summary: a CDP collects all interactions a user has with a brand,

    Kelly Scott Madison, 05/30/2019

  • Google is Removing Average Position for Paid Search. What Does That Mean? - Kelly Scott Madison

    Google is Removing Average Position for Paid Search. What Does That Mean? - Kelly Scott Madison

    First, a bit of history: Over the past few years Google has rolled out a number of changes they claim are improving the search experience, while at the same time making the marketplace more competitive. One of the largest updates was the removal of the right-hand rail in February 2016. That update significantly reduced available ad inventory, and forced advertisers to put a big emphasis on achieving one of the top three average positions. Failing to do so often resulted in a large drop off in impressions, clicks, and sales. Occupying a lower position on the search engine results page can be very efficient, but also limit reach. This change has also had a bigger impact on mobile where ad space is extremely limited. So why did they make the change? One assumption is Google determined it could generate more revenue for this premium inventory, because of the higher costs required to achieve top-three placement. Many accounts were impacted and costs rose—most noticeably in non-branded cost-per-click campaigns, while branded campaigns were impacted but not as much. Other recent paid search updates from Google have been heavily focused on driving automation. Google pushes that goal by allowing their algorithms to make decisions on how to improve performance.

    Kelly Scott Madison, 03/27/2019

  • What Does Disney’s Acquisition of Fox Mean for Advertisers? - %

    What Does Disney’s Acquisition of Fox Mean for Advertisers? - %

    On March 19, the multi-billion-dollar Disney empire grew larger after acquiring 21st Century Fox for $71 billion dollars. Read KSM's POV on how this impacts the ad space.

    Kelly Scott Madison, 04/22/2019

  • State of Media Special Issue: Millennials & Gen Z - Kelly Scott Madison

    State of Media Special Issue: Millennials & Gen Z - Kelly Scott Madison

    In our newest State of Media, we dive deep into the latest data and nuances between millennials and Gen Z to help you get more marketing ROI.

    Kelly Scott Madison, 11/15/2018

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