KHJ Brand Activation is an independent, full-service brand strategy and activation firm with deep expertise in healthcare, real estate and B2B services. Situated in the Seaport district of Boston, KHJ is widely recognized for its ability to bring the ‘heart and soul’ of a brand to life, igniting internal cultures and engaging external stakeholders to achieve a higher level of performance. Explore what’s possible at

  • Judy Habib

    Judy Habib

    CEO - BOTH / AND

    “Who are you being in the world…and how great are you willing to have it?” This is classic Judy. She asks the questions that get to the heart and soul of things and listens in a way that brings out your best. Judy has built KHJ into one of Boston’s largest independently owned agencies and top women-led businesses. In addition to working with many remarkable colleagues and clients over the years, Judy serves on the board of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and is a trustee for Ursuline Academy. She’s grateful for a fulfilling professional life and the ability to escape to her magical house by the sea shared with her wonderful husband and good friends…what Judy would call a both/and.
  • Sylvie Askins

    Sylvie Askins

    EVP and Chief Strategy Officer - CAUSING / PATHWAYS

    The discussion is intense. Then Sylvie makes a comment. More than a smart observation, it’s usually a strategic insight that causes the conversation to leap forward. But leading clients down new and exciting pathways is what she does best. For over 25 years, Sylvie has been branding and marketing for B2B and B2C clients in a range of industries. She plays a pivotal role in developing the positioning, messaging and programs essential to their success. A native of France, Sylvie has a really fantastic accent. It’s just one more reason why people love to hear what she has to say.
  • Adam Cramer

    Adam Cramer

    SVP and Chief Creative Officer - SEEING / BEING

    Adam doesn’t miss a trick. It could be a tiny tweak that makes a design better, or an employee with a hidden skill, just waiting to be discovered. He sees the possibility in every person and every project, and has the vision and commitment to bring it into being. After experiencing it all—from small boutiques to big in-house agencies—Adam found his home at KHJ. His brand experience ranges from impressive (Fidelity Investments, MLB, Legal Seafoods) to downright weird (Ripley’s Believe It or Not). When Adam sees an opportunity, he takes it—whether it’s helping a client go further, or giving his beloved bulldog, Hank a starring role in a TV commercial.
  • Todd Baird

    Todd Baird

    SVP, Planning and Strategy - POWER / PLAY

    As a lifelong student of branding, Todd has always been curious to know what drives human decision-making. It’s his capacity for empathy that helps him get inside the minds of consumers, uncover powerful insights, and create strategies that “play”. Todd has helped propel leading consumer, financial, and healthcare brands, from BARD Davol to Boston Scientific to UpToDate. When he’s not imagining new ways to infuse brands with the power to change the world, Todd can be found with his family, swinging a golf club, hiking in the woods, or kicking a soccer ball. Proving that he’s not all work and no play.
  • Mike Panagako

    Mike Panagako

    SVP, Strategy - STANDING / TRUE

    A lively conversation is happening in a large conference room. A governor and a Fortune 500 CEO are among those sitting around the table. At the center of it all—calmly steering the conversation, making the case, standing true as always—is our very own Mike. Ten years ago, Mike was one of our clients. But he liked the KHJ experience so much, he decided to join the team. Nobody knows more about destination and real estate branding than he does, or has as much expertise in categories such as law, finance, engineering, construction and energy. With an abundance of knowledge, charm and true soulfulness, Mike can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone.
  • Tod Brubaker

    Tod Brubaker

    VP, Creative Director - INSIDE / OUT

    It can happen when you least expect it. Tod asks a question that challenges the obvious, and forces both our colleagues and our clients to think a little deeper. He has a way of getting right to the heart of things, and turning the conversation inside out. Tod has a big agency background that began at BBDO in Chicago and took him to New York where he worked at FCB and McCann Worldwide among others. He thought he would stay in Manhattan forever, but then he met the woman who would turn his world inside out…and bring him to Boston. But like his Jazz hero Miles Davis, he knows how to improvise when a good thing comes his way.
  • Rob Kinslow

    Rob Kinslow

    VP, Senior Strategist - MEANING / MAGIC

    He’s affectionately known as “Doctor Kinslow” for his deep knowledge of all things medical. But the true wonder of Rob is his ability to see the greater strategic meaning hidden in large volumes of data, and translate it all into magical creative expressions. Rob has worked as a speechwriter, PR specialist, and writer-on-call for physicians and hospital executives. He eventually moved to the agency side, where he’s worked in medical devices and diagnostics for more than 20 years. An amateur magician in his spare time, Rob has been performing magic since the age of 7. It’s just one more of his many amazing skills and talents.
  • Keren Cole

    Keren Cole

    VP, Media Strategy and Activation - FINDING / CONNECTION

  • Michelle Karalekas

    Michelle Karalekas

    VP, Client Services - IN / DEPENDENT