KHJ Brand Activation is an independent, full-service brand strategy and activation firm with deep expertise in healthcare, real estate and B2B services. Situated in the Seaport district of Boston, KHJ is widely recognized for its ability to bring the ‘heart and soul’ of a brand to life, igniting internal cultures and engaging external stakeholders to achieve a higher level of performance. Explore what’s possible at

  • Judy Habib

    Judy Habib

    CEO - BOTH / AND

  • Bill  Fleishman

    Bill Fleishman

    President - REAL / DEAL

  • Sylvie Askins

    Sylvie Askins

    EVP and Chief Strategy Officer - CAUSING / PATHWAYS

  • Adam Cramer

    Adam Cramer

    SVP and Chief Creative Officer - SEEING / BEING

  • Todd Baird

    Todd Baird

    SVP, Planning and Strategy - POWER / PLAY

  • Mike Panagako

    Mike Panagako

    VP, Senior Strategist - STANDING / TRUE

  • Todd Brubaker

    Todd Brubaker

    VP, Creative Director - INSIDE / OUT

  • Rob Kinslow

    Rob Kinslow

    VP, Senior Strategist - MEANING / MAGIC