Kidoolo Play Club is an epic purpose-built venue for lavish kids’ parties from toddlers to teenagers. Besides the entertainment face of it adults, too, can have a go at it by utilizing our full-service facility for their corporate gathering needs. Being the brainchild of a lady, Trish, the owner and president of Kidoolo Play Club has been passionately serving as a celebration venue in Springfield, New Jersey for quite some time.
Completely meeting the kids’ criteria of fun & entertainment can only be a possibility provided our own capabilities as adults are sufficiently flexible to mold in theirs. We at Kidoolo take pride in possessing a non-rigid approach in being innovative, experimenting with everything kids could find solace in. Featuring stunning entertainment resources ensured to provide hours of fun such as digital gaming zone, the most famous laser tag sessions, themed or non-themed parties, interactive dance floor and play-area for the minors.
But, we failed to miss out on the adult perspective for a fairly good reason. We have seen to it that our sleek, stylish, lavishly embellished and tidy interiors come in handy to the corporate individuals as well, providing for an ideal four-walled space to hold their meetings & social hangouts the way they perceived it.
Why Go For Kidoolo’s Dedicated Events Space?
a) Imposing Fun with kids’ favorite play attractions for endless hours of merriment & joy; memorable kids’ birthday celebrations & a score of various healthy activities.
b) Out-of-this-world Service via our focused & effective client support team ensuring a completely stress & worry free event management; maximum assistance with party setup & cleanup, event hosting, specialty themed decorations, expanded menu, etc.
c) Modern, Space-age Space for a spruced up experience with the latest & ultra-modernized, ultra-tidy venue making us simply awesome; an ideal blend of inflated entertainment & corporate level ambiance spread across 5,600 sq. ft. area.
Our Services Pickbox
 Kids’ Parties catering to both themed & non-themed variants under awesome & highly economical packages to suit your needs & budget, delivering hours of fun & entertainment to the younger ones.
 Laser Tag for elevating & taking the fun to new heights with the most modern equipment and NY City-themed arena providing all-time adventure & a thrilling experience with safety focused.
 Events & Meetings to be organized & managed at a corporate standard for all types of business meetings, corporate gatherings, team building or social hangouts comprising of large 100+ members group.

Our Unique Seller
We let the developing brains unleash their imaginative & creative powers for achieving breakthroughs in times ahead.

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