Client Start Year End Year
Bob's Red Mill 1997 Current
Bulk is Green Council 2009 2016
Against the Grain Gourmet 2014 2014
Blue Dog Bakery 2014 2014
Eugene Mission 2015 2016
Tofurky 2014 2014
Simply Organic 2010 2013
Santa Cruz Organic 2008 2009
Seasnax 2015 2015
Orchard Bar 2014 2014

We are an integrated agency specialized in growing brands bent on changing the way the world eats, drinks, thinks and dreams.

Whether they are making farming more sustainable, giving away company ownership to their employees, or providing pathways out of homelessness, our clients work hard each day to leave the world better than they found it. Our job is to help them reach their goals as quickly and effectively as possible, and as an integrated agency, there are any number of ways we can do that.

  • Craig Ostbo

    Craig Ostbo

    Managing Partner

  • Ken Koopman

    Ken Koopman


  • Joe Parker

    Joe Parker

    Director of Business Development

  • Robert Shephard

    Robert Shephard

    Creative Director