Client Start Year End Year
Mazars USA 2021 Current
CNA Insurance 2019 Current
Automate Show and A3 2021 Current
Arc XP 2021 Current
Heidenhain Corporation 2015 Current
North American Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show 2015 Current
Lindsay Corporation 2018 Current
21st Century Equipment - John Deere 2020 Current
TransUnion 2020 Current
Connect Hearing 2016 2018

Marketing that move you. We believe marketing has the power to drive growth and meaningful change—in business and in people. All it takes is the right combination of curiosity, insight and creativity. We help clients simplify complex business challenges and design solutions that make a greater impact for all.

LoSasso is a Chicago-based independent, award-winning agency offering a complete suite of services for modern, omni-channel marketing programs. Insightful targeting and a passion for measurement lets us deliver the smartest, most creative solutions with your ROI in mind. Backed by a genuine, 100% accountable culture.

  • Scott  LoSasso

    Scott LoSasso


    Scott, our fearless leader, says he likes to surround himself with people who are smarter than him—but that’s just the humility talking. Scott’s business acumen and knack for marketing strategy have been the guiding light for our agency since 1989. He keeps our agency constantly evolving and focused on building long-term relationships with clients and employees. Raised in the trenches of this business, Scott’s done everything from copywriting and media buying to account service and coffee making. Roots in direct marketing make him laser-focused on performance and measurement—and perfectly suited for marketing’s digital evolution. And while he still enjoys getting his hands dirty in strategy and directional sessions, Scott spends most of his time away from the day-to-day to focus on our overall agency vision and direction. When he isn’t hard at work, he’s having fun with his three boys and wife. He and his wife are active supporters of education, involved in expanding the campus and launching a scholarship program at Rogers Park Montessori School. They also helped to start Beacon Academy, a Montessori-based high school in Evanston that is becoming a recognized model for modern education.
  • Julia Parisot

    Julia Parisot

    VP Business Development

    Julia's sociable nature, unmatched work ethic and sharp marketing instincts helped her rise up the agency ranks in account management and client services. Presently, Julia has taken the reins to lead exciting new client opportunities to the agency. Julia knows a good client-agency fit when she sees it—and how to help successfully onboard new Clients to the LoSasso way of working. Julia’s got a deep passion for the full spectrum of marketing disciplines—and the fun-loving, adventurous spirit to keep it interesting. Plus, thanks to her wisdom and guidance, the office fridge is always stocked with the best bottles of vino. Julia’s passion for exploration extends far beyond the office—whether she’s brushing up on her French or conquering an advanced yoga pose. And her vacations with her husband—from food and wine festivals and concerts to baseball stadium tours—inspire envy in even the most seasoned travelers.
  • Amanda Callahan

    Amanda Callahan

    VP, Account Director

    Amanda is the type of team member that can light up any room. Her easy-breezy personality and can-do attitude instantly make you feel at ease. Pair that with an extensive marketing background and impressive roster of clients, and you know you’re in good hands. At LoSasso, Amanda puts her passion for brand strategy and positioning into practice daily. From furthering brand development to fostering client relations to navigating business problems and motivating her team to find unexpected solutions, she’s a pro at juggling it all—and making it look effortless. When she’s not putting her superwoman skills to work here, she’s wowing her four kids at home. With weekends of sports games, practices, play dates and family adventures, she’s always ready to go. And when she’s not chasing the kids, she’s crushing it on the tennis courts or unwinding with a long run.
  • David Fabbri

    David Fabbri

    Chief Strategy Officer

    David is the rarest of creative minds—the kind that prioritizes business objectives, geeks out on metrics and checks the ego at the door. A keen eye for design and a flair for words launched his career with LoSasso; more than two decades later he’s the dynamic leader of our Creative and Digital teams—and always inspires our A-game. Collaborative to the core, David helps foster information sharing and integration throughout the agency. His constant mission? Look for new ways to enable and encourage strategically driven work in every department. Like the time his team spearheaded an in-depth analysis of a client’s Web traffic and warranty database—and closed the loop on sales conversion tracking; or the time he dove head first into a multifaceted research and audience persona development project. Whether scribbling on his whiteboard walls or typing up a creative brief, David whistles while he works. And the beat goes on beyond our office walls: Making music (playing, writing and recording) is a longtime passion. But he puts a lid on the incessant singing, snapping and foot tapping to spend quality time with his wife and two daughters.
  • Kylie Wasserman

    Kylie Wasserman

    Creative Director

    Kylie’s famous for her attention to detail—and as an amateur chef that loves collecting cookbooks and taking on new recipes, it pays off in more ways than one. Pair that with years of experience in both the fast-paced startup and big-brand agency worlds, it’s no wonder she’s so good at everything from concepting integrated campaigns to writing sharp ad copy, and quick.
  • Mark  Hollingsworth

    Mark Hollingsworth


    Mark’s a LoSassin to the core—but he also knows what it’s like on the other side. Formerly Vice President of Marketing at Sparkling Spring Water Company, Mark was one of LoSasso’s first clients, leading the company’s direct response and retail marketing initiatives. This gives him a killer combination of cutting-edge agency insight and operations-minded instinct. It’s an analytic, sales-focused approach that pays big for our clients—boosting ROI and revenue. As COO at LoSasso, Mark’s unwavering focus on our agency P.A.C.T. steers us all toward a more effective—and happier—workplace. Outside the office, Mark knows how to kick back—as an avid soccer spectator (and formerly avid player). You might also find him hitting the trails or spinning his wheels (on a bike, that is). When it comes to travel, Mark has been known to combine adventure and altruism—volunteering abroad with his wife and three kids.
  • Dimo Raychev

    Dimo Raychev

    Director of Digital Technology

    The digital marketing boom has taken our industry—and Dimo’s department—by storm. Good thing he’s impossibly cool under pressure. As the LoSasso Web team quickly expands, so does Dimo’s knowledge of the latest programming, UX, design and analytics trends. And while the constant evolution of his field might exhaust some, Dimo relishes the challenge—guiding his team toward more effective websites, apps, digital media and measurement tools. These days, Dimo focuses mostly on high-level strategy and planning, but he still loves digging into the day-to-day and cracking the code on complex challenges. When he isn’t basking in the glow of a computer screen, he’s cooking for his friends and family. In fact, he often reminisces about his college days as a restaurant manager and wonders what life as a chef might be like. But we’re pretty glad he’s devising our recipe for digital success instead.