Client Start Year End Year
KPMG 2012 Current
Holt Renfrew 2001 2003
Caban Home 2014 2000
Harry Rosen 1996 2000
Home Outfitters 2002 2007
Mackenzie Financial 2008 2010
Audi Canada 2006 2012
Unilever (Knorr) 2009 Current
Toronto Zoo 2002 Current
Nestle Purina Canada 1999 Current

Lowe Roche is a completely integrated full service bi-cultural agency. Our structure is a complete Mash Up. We dont believe in silos. You just have to enter our office to notice that creative, digital, production and account people all work side by side. We mix our teams up because we believe that we get the best work by borrowing from one discipline to influence the others.

Our mantra: Innovate or die.

Innovation for us is not just new ways to reach people it is the best way to deliver results. All of our clients innovated. to survive and continue to thrive through their own constant innovation and creativity. They deserve nothing less than ongoing innovation from their agency.