and a work in progress, www.marksullivanphoto.com

Mark Sullivan has extensive experience in the photography field with over 17 years practical experience in almost every facet of the industry. Recently he has had an exclusive “front row seat at the UN” where he has taken some very notable and meaningful images of some of the world’s highest profile people. These images are available on Gettyimages.com for sale.

With state of the art digital photography equipment and a list of accomplishments below
Mark is well known as a focused communicator, able to bring your message directly, cleanly to clients and prospects.

• East West Home Collections, retail, design, development, content.
• Binong Xu web portfolios
• Personal web sites, Images, Video, content, design
• Print promos design, content Photographer
• Shot products for Navy Exchange catalogue
• Photographed navy personnel and civilians
• Shot retail accounts, soft goods and various product Photographer’s Assistant
• Projects, still life, illustration and portraits, as well as conceptual shots, room sets and product shots. Clients included Calvin Klein, Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren
• Shot room scenes for Sears, J.C.Penny, Bloomingdales, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ralph Lauren

It is the authentic depiction of people, places and things along with a keen eye for architecture that makes his work different and in demand.

Please feel free to peruse his website for more detail and information.

It takes planning, structure, some team work and lots of play to create joy.