• The Mavens Are Coming 10/07/2014

    The Mavens Are Coming 10/07/2014

    Marketers know there's a wealth of information available to them through mining the data, especially from smartphones where experts expect to see more than 40% of traffic this holiday season. Once they find it, the biggest problem remains what to do with it. There's a lot of fear about getting it wrong. A good partner shows them how to identify the origin of conversations and people who listen to them, as well as all major competitors talking about a similar topic.

    Media Post, Laurie Sullivan, 10/07/2014

  • When The Buy Button Lands On Bing, Google, Yahoo Search Engines 12/16/2014

    When The Buy Button Lands On Bing, Google, Yahoo Search Engines 12/16/2014

    Google has become the latest company to explore the "buy" button on its search engine, as it looks to improve the e-commerce experience for consumers. While Sears Hometown Outlet Stores CMO David Buckley declined to say whether the store is part of that trial, he said it would make sense to add a buy button in search results depending on transaction agreements and relationship with customers. He and others in a separate panel spoke about the pros and cons several days prior to reports that Google is approaching retailers with the service.

    Media Post, Laurie Sullivan, 12/16/2014

  • How Search Data More Closely Predicted How Seats On U.K. Political Parties Would Change 05/21/2015

    How Search Data More Closely Predicted How Seats On U.K. Political Parties Would Change 05/21/2015

    Search engines Google and Bing have been known to forecast trends, and the outcome of sporting events, even presidential elections, but recently a U.K.-headquartered search agency took on the challenge. Mavens of London tapped into the latest search data using Google AdWords to update its research on the changing patterns in the U.K.'s political parties. Prior to the vote, Mavens aimed to predict an accurate number of seats won by each party in the latest election.

    Media Post, Laurie Sullivan, 05/21/2015

  • AI Requires Marketers To Rethink Search 05/20/2016

    AI Requires Marketers To Rethink Search 05/20/2016

    Trying to understand consumer intent through search isn't easy. We talk about like it's as simple as dunking an Oreo cookie into a frosty glass of cold milk, pulling it out and tasting the chocolaty goodness. Unless you hold down the cookie it bobs up again, rather than sinking. What's the point, you're probably thinking.

    Media Post, Laurie Sullivan, 05/20/2016

Established in 2009, Mavens of London is a global research, marketing, and strategy consultancy, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Latin America, and Singapore. We provide consumer insight, research, measurement, analytics, strategy, and activation to some of the world’s largest brands. As a global roster agency for Unilever, and with a client list that includes IBM, Electrolux, Santander, Philips, Toyota, Microsoft, Campari, and Disney, our services span all countries and languages.

Mavens of London combines proprietary research tools with the aggregation of a large array of enterprise-grade data tools, alongside both qualitative & quantitative research techniques, enabling Mavens to help businesses stay agile and at the forefront of innovation within an ever changing environment. We distinguish ourselves by aggregating and analyzing data of all kinds – primary and secondary, structured and unstructured, proprietary and public – in order to provide insight into people, and actionable insights that deliver business results. In short, we solve challenges.

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    Amanda Valle

    Chief Strategy Officer (US)

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    Ben Bose


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    Daniel Singer

    Chief Executive Officer

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    David Hughes

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    Carol Lara

    Chief Strategy Officer (LatAm)

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