Opt For Optimism

Frost Bank

Case Study

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As a regional bank in a sea of national bank brands, Frost needed to reposition themselves in a way that would stand out and make their values clear.

We led a proprietary research study that revealed something big: When people are optimistic, they’re more likely to have better financial health. And with that, the mission became clear. We created a movement to encourage financial optimism and let our customers prove the value.

Our strategy teams led Frost on a first-of-its-kind endeavor: a partnership with a nationally recognized positivity psychologist. The proprietary research that followed put a spotlight on the impact optimism has on financial health.

We designed this challenge to help people make optimism part of their everyday routine. When COVID-19 changed the world, we pivoted the program to help people develop an optimism practice while adapting to life at home.

We created this nine-part video series to outline the unique ways that optimists approach their finances and encourage more people to give the habits a try.