Client Start Year End Year
Hamburger Helper 1968 Current
Betty Crocker 1968 Current
Bisquick 1968 Current
Cocoa Puffs 2011 Current
Nature Valley 1968 Current
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 2014 Current
Box Tops for Education 2014 Current
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2014 Current
Chex (Cereal & Snack Mix) 2014 Current
Bugles 2014 Current

Founded in 1933 by Ralph Campbell and Ray Mithun, Mithun now has 250+ employees building national client brands. The agency has remained in Minneapolis for 80 years and is one of only 13 U.S. agencies with that tenure. Our team of specialists -- strategic planners, creatives, connections planners, media buyers, technologists, integrated producers and analytics gurus – collaborate to create market-changing conversations for our clients.

More than 80 years ago Founder, Ray Mithun, boldly proclaimed in an internal memo to his employees – Everything Talks. With two simple words he declared that every aspect of brand--tangibles and communications alike--should work together in concert. This point of view has stood the test of time and remains truer today than ever. We approach problems with the practical application of Creative Sciences – the use of data and psychology to inform, create and deploy market-changing ideas. We are an inventive culture that values imagination, experimentation and risk.

  • Rob Buchner

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Carter

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Denis Budniewski

    EVP, Director of Account Leadership & Growth

  • Lynn Franz

    SVP, Director of Strategic Planning

  • Giles Martin

    VP, Director of Marketing Accountability & Analytics