DoorDash - Dasher Gratitude


  • Content Production
  • Local Filmmaker
  • low budget video
  • small crews
  • authentic filmmaker
  • freelance director
  • creative partner
  • local market content production
  • travel ban shoots
  • crowd sourced content
  • local production
  • innovative marketing

Within 48 hours, we briefed and sourced ten filmmakers across the country to capture footage of local acts of ‘Thank You’ in their respective cities to create a spellbinding :30 film for DoorDash to show their gratitude of all first responders, including delivery people during this time.

This film along with 13 cutdowns formatted for social media use from user generated content supported the brand's call to action, “How do you give thanks?”

This is a tribute to how we all come together in tough times like these, artfully documented by a national community of filmmakers, executed from kick off to delivery in just one week.