Filthy Food


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  • cocktails
  • garnish
  • filthy
  • mother design

Rebranding a category pioneer.

Filthy is a pioneer of the cocktail garnish category. Their range of premium, all-natural garnishes currently adorns top-shelf cocktails served by the best bars in the world. As the company began evolving from a predominantly B-to-B model to include a wider retail footprint and DTC distribution, Filthy needed a look and feel as refined and hand-perfected as their product.

We developed a “perfectly imperfect” visual world that retains the brand’s rebellious spirit while refining its typographic, illustrative, and photographic elements. The wordmark combines a harried angularity with a hint of classical script construction to strike the balance between elegance and fervor. The illustrations and motion design bring to life the products’ attributes in a complementary style, while the photography subtly depicts evidence of nights (and the odd devious morning) well spent. The sum of the creative parts evokes an everyday sophistication and joyful energy that are rooted in the brand’s DNA.

Filthy believes “life isn’t just about dipping your toe in; it’s about getting filthy in everything you do because that’s where the joy is.” And you know what? We tend to agree.