Napier Marketing Group & Imagine Advertising's Sizzle Video On What We Do

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  • Brand Strategy

Napier Marketing Group & Imagine Advertising have been working together for over 12 years creating and defining brands and their "got to market" strategies integrating traditional marketing with the internet and social marketing.

This video is a short sizzle piece on what we've done, but there is so much more. Please visit our website at: or

Our team has been working together for over 12 years delivering revenue driving solutions for a wide variety of small, large and Fortune 500 companies covering multiple channels of distribution, competitive situations, consumer dynamics, sales dilemmas and brand/equity issues.

We do this through a fresh and soundly strategic analysis and understanding of the true marketing issues facing our clients through the creation and execution of out-of-the-box solutions that effectively and efficiently leverage our client's resources. We are "delivery vehicle agnostic" in that we only recommend solutions that are right for you and your specific business objectives.

Our unique structure means your support team is comprised exclusively of seasoned pros with a passion for helping you grow your business and the experience and expertise to make it happen. It's our version of "Simple Math"; utilize only the resources you need to grow your business, without having to pay for overhead that is not relevant to the task at hand.