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Hallmark eCards 2016 Current
Fiskars 2016 Current
Monkey Sports 2016 Current

NextLeft, an SEO agency and Content Marketing company based in San Diego, partners with brands and agencies alike to strategize, create and promote helpful, relevant content that increases organic rankings. NextLeft is a team of digital marketing strategists with over 20 years of agency and digital experience. Frustrated by the overwhelming amount of useless clutter on the internet today, NextLeft has set out to help businesses improve their rankings in the search engines through the creation and promotion of unique, relevant content that their customers actually want and need.

Mission: At NextLeft, our mission is to rid the world of digital clutter by creating the helpful, relevant content people are searching for online. Join us in our mission!

  • John McKusick

    John McKusick


  • Dan Rooney

    Dan Rooney


  • Casey Novak

    Casey Novak

    VP, Client Services

  • Katie Fellenz

    Katie Fellenz

    VP, Sales & Marketing

  • Jason Zimelman

    Jason Zimelman

    Director, Earned Media