Zocdoc Insurance Checker



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If you want an idea of how confusing the healthcare industry is, just take a look at your insurance card. Congested and confusing, the average insurance card has a lot of information, but not much guidance into what’s most important. Zocdoc and Office of Baby created Insurance Checker to streamline the process of finding a doctor that takes your insurance, but decided there had to be a way to improve the insurance card itself.

In addition, Office of Baby has designed a Universal Insurance Card that elevates all the important pieces of information for r a patient—like who your insurer is, what plan you have, your member number, and who’s covered—and moves the information health professionals need to know to a separate section. One side of the card is for patients, one side is for doctors.

The new card is designed to make it easy for patients to decipher their insurance cards, select the right insurance plan, and get verified plan details before booking a visit with their doctor. The format is being offered to all health insurance companies.

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