Onpassive marketing platform is designed to take your business to the next level, we reduce the gap between you and the dreams you wish to accomplish. We provide a full spectrum of marketing services that assure a high rate of success with minimal efforts.


ONPASSIVE is a future-focused automated business platform dedicated to enriching the digital experiences of businesses by providing intelligent and innovative solutions to excel. Today’s world is more digital than ever, and we are on the verge of witnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to harness the potential of AI and aid businesses with our handcrafted AI tools to transform your businesses into online phenomena. The company specializes in building a lucrative online store with the help of a dedicated team entrusted with various ingenious practices.

ONPASSIVE is slowly growing globally, and the headquarters is at Florida, the USA, and the technical hub placed in India - Bangalore and other parts of the world. Together we are dedicated to bring novel methods of business development and build a platform that works on giving millions of people with potential opportunities.

- What makes us different?

As one of the leading AI business platform, we understand that every business has a unique set of requirements that can be business automation, a networking platform, increasing traffic, boosting advertising, and promotions to their virtual storefronts. The company offers several business solutions powered by artificial intelligence, which aid in streamlining several business activities. Drive traffic, increase revenue, advertise and promote your business online with the customized tools developed by our team.

With a dedicated team, we specialize in various tasks like Web Designing, Graphics, Search Engine Optimization tools, Content Marketing, Content Management, and much more. The company is devoted to channeling the power of artificial intelligence to businesses that strive for an innovative change. We use artificial intelligence to enhance the methods of modern business models with the right strategies, and business can acquire a huge amount of audience.

Experience the World of Automation:

Scales down manual work and introduce automation to your business and get your business matters in order. Solve the issues rising in the world of business with the help of automation. We allow businesses to attract and increasely retain customers by empowering them with effortless, personalized automated experiences. We help a business grow by allowing them to access the AI tools and provide all the necessary help we can.

Global Presence

With ONPASSIVE, enhance your potential for expansion and growth. Get your business to grow both locally and globally, offline and online, also earn money on passive. Our business solutions uphold your business goals. Global expansion can is tricky, but with Artificial Intelligence, we can increase the chances of your global expansion. Our artificial intelligence platform aids to your business objectives and lead towards a successful future.

Business Analytical Insights

Redefine customer engagement and acquisition with AI tools from one of the leading IT companies at your fingertips. Unravel complex business disputes over time and across multiple channels and identify new opportunities. Transform these business insights into digital initiatives with the help of our artificial intelligence platform. Help your customers understand your business and provide what they are exactly looking for with the insights we provide.

  • Ash Mufareh

    Ash Mufareh

    CEO & Founder

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