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See Beyond.

At PERISCOPE we are on a mission to see beyond the expected to challenge the status quo.

It’s all too easy to fall back on conventional wisdom when it comes to marketing strategies. Or to look to internal perceptions instead of audience realities. Periscope’s strategic and creative approach is rooted in putting people at the center of our process. To understand audiences as more than demographics or data points, and be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about what they need to interact with our brands. Our approach demands authenticity, and results in work that defies category norms.

We’re an elite strategy and creative powerhouse. As a fully integrated, full-service agency, we’re on a mission to help brands See Beyond barriers to unlock potential. Whether that’s helping Trolli grow from a single SKU to the best-selling candy at 7-Eleven or helping Minnesota Lottery unlock a massive new audience by turning scratch tickets from a solitary game into a team sport, we believe that unexpected, culture-denting ideas can drive outsized business growth. In short, we build brands and we generate demand.

Founded in 1964, Periscope has been a pillar of the Minneapolis ad community for decades. We take pride in our Midwestern heritage, and we let that inform our agency commitment to always put people at the center of our process and culture. And we find that our approach helps us seamlessly service local, regional and national clients. While our work has driven a lot of business results, it has also garnered a lot of acclaim from The One Show, Webbies, Effies, D&AD and more.

While we’re headquartered in Minneapolis, we have offices around the country, including Chicago, Milwaukee and New York. Additionally, we have production hubs in Hong Kong and Delhi to support a 24-hour production clock. We move at the speed of business. With proper planning and scale, we can hand work off to our overseas partners when we end our day, and it’s back in our inboxes the next morning.

This frictionless workflow is powered by Quad. Aided by their global network of marketing experts, we’re able to provide a better solution for integrated marketing by removing barriers, driving cost-effectiveness and providing a single point of contact to help integrate workstreams and lead to better, more strategic work.

  • Cari Bucci-Hulings

    Cari Bucci-Hulings


  • Mike Cajun

    Mike Cajun

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Liz Grabek

    Liz Grabek

    SVP / Consumer Strategy

  • Jaima Clavette

    Jaima Clavette

    Vice President, Operations/PMO

  • Dean Ferenac

    Dean Ferenac

    SVP, Consumer Engagement

  • Katie Kelly-Landberg

    Katie Kelly-Landberg

    Vice President Enterprise Solutions

  • Heath Pochucha

    Heath Pochucha

    Executive Creative Director

  • Matt Benka

    Matt Benka

    SVP / Business Growth