Pitrone and Sons Painting Company's mission is to be a premier painting contractor of the finest residential paint jobs in the Denver area. We are based in Highlands Ranch and our painters will treat your home as if it is our own. We apply the highest standards and professionalism while diligently working to make sure every customer is completely satisfied.

Why hire Pitrone and Sons? Because we are different than other painting companies. We off Hand Brushed painting and have been doing so since 1968.

We do business to stay in business and the only way that is possible is through satisfied customers!
Our company is owned and operated by family members to insure the highest quality.
You don’t pay a thing until the job is complete so there is no risk to you. We believe in developing a trusting relationship with our customers and that begins with us.
We warranty siding for 6 years and trim for 4 years. If you’re not happy with the way your paint job is holding up we will make it right! When you call us 5-10 years after we painted your home, we’ll be there to return your call.
We hand brush the paint onto the surface where most other painters spray it on.

Call us today for a free quote at (303) 791-5000