Client Start Year End Year
Royal Building Products 2011 Current
ACURA 2013 Current
DEWALT Tools 2012 2016 2014 Current
Kimberly Clark / Kleenex Facial Cleansing 2016 Current
Maryland Auto Insurance 2014 Current
AGCO Corporation 2011 Current
Crane Renovation Group 2014 Current
Marriott International 2009 2015
AMES Tools 2013 Current

What we do:
Planit’s strategic mind and digital heart nimbly transform beloved brands that are shifting too slowly on their own.

Why we exist:
To disrupt convention and spur behavior change.
To not be afraid to scare our clients with ideas that strike nerves.
To speed the timeline between becoming aware and taking meaningful action.
To simplify through innovation, and innovate through simplicity.
To create transformative experiences that people want to share.

  • Matt Doud

    Matt Doud

    President, Co-Founder

  • Ed Callahan

    Ed Callahan

    Executive Creative Strategist, Co-Founder

  • Jack Spaulding

    Jack Spaulding

    Executive Director of Strategy

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Director of Digital Strategy

  • Rich Reiter

    Rich Reiter

    Creative Director