Dreyers Have Happy On Hand

Case Study

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  • Shopper Marketing
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  • retail marketing
  • Omni-Channel
  • CPG Snacking
  • Ice cream
  • CPG Food & Beverage

Nestle approached us with a large challenge; How can we accelerate the growth of our top 5 ice cream brands (Haagen Dazs, Dreyer’s, Skinny Cow, Drumsticks, Outshine) AND increase the category sales at 16 different retailers?

Aligned on our key growth objectives, we began mining insights that would allow us to bundle 5 very different and distinct brands together in a fully integrated, omni campaign. We found the insight centered on Moms’ needs to create ‘little wows’ throughout the summer for her family, friends and herself. Using this insight, a range of campaign ideas were developed and quantitatively tested to determine if the campaigns were motivating to consumers and had the ability to drive trips to retailers and once there, put additional Nestle ice cream brands in their baskets.

The winning campaign idea, ‘Have Happy On Hand’ proved capable of delivering the business results we needed. We then identified four different motivation spaces that HHOH could be the spark for these ‘little wows’; Celebrations (last day of school, Father’s Day), Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th July, Labor Day), Entertaining (unique ideas) and Me Time (Mom needs a break/reward).

A national, fully integrated omni campaign was developed to drive awareness and accelerate conversion behind HHOH. In addition, 16 different HHOH retail campaigns were developed to capitalize on the uniqueness of different retailers while maintaining the integrity of the national campaign. These discrete campaigns were seamless to the consumer, enabling us to drive strong brand awareness, get Nestle ice cream brands on the shopping list and make the brands easy to find and buy, regardless of whether shopping took place in-store or online.

The campaign has been enormously successful, exceeding all key KPIs (unit growth, share growth and ROAS targets). We’re now in our 4thyear of running HHOH and overall spending has grown from $4MM to $20MM proving the power of a campaign based on a strong insight and delivered in an integrated, omni fashion.