"I am the ONLY ad man nationwide in the USA, that, year in and year out, SINGLE-HANDEDLY, personally and without any other employees or associates, negotiates and places radio/TV ads and produces broadcast radio/TV ads on 100+ broadcast radio/TV stations CURRENTLY and have EVERY year for the past 35 years straight and, remarkably, my advertiser/clients use my services and continue advertising on broadcast radio/TV 52 weeks a year, EVERY year!

My expertise and know how is built upon getting my clients the lowest possible broadcast radio, TV and cable TV costs per spot the stations and networks will allow to get the best possible shows, times and days available that for decades have proven to get the advertiser the most response from the most qualified leads. "

  • Laura  Tomasetti

    Laura Tomasetti


  • Rob  Bratskeir

    Rob Bratskeir

    Executive Vice President & Creative Director; GM, 360PR NYC

  • Stacey  Clement

    Stacey Clement

    Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Electronics Practice Leader

  • Victoria  Renwick

    Victoria Renwick

    Senior Vice President, Healthy Living Practice Leader

  • Mike  Rush

    Mike Rush

    Vice President, @Home Practice Leader

  • Caroline  Pierce

    Caroline Pierce

    Vice President, Parenting Practice Leader