We started Saffron in 2001 with a simple but compelling vision: to build a brand consultancy as strong in its strategic thinking as it was in its creativity. We believe that great brands that capture people’s imagination and make a difference to their lives are built on a powerful mix of IQ + EQ.

The IQ part is the rational, evidence-based analysis – the fundamentals without which the brand simply couldn’t function. The EQ part is the emotional and more intuitive, judgment-based understanding – the insights that can propel a brand from simply being in the race to winning it. We see it as our job to help our clients find the right mix.

14 years on Saffron is one of the world’s leading brand consultancies punching above its weight against the world’s largest and longest established firms.

Saffron was born into an age of globalisation – the rise of the emerging markets and the general flattening of the world’s economies relative to each other. We have therefore deliberately built a global business that operates as one seamless company across all of our offices – bringing the very best of our experience and our thinking to all our clients wherever they are situated.

As a result we are at home anywhere. We’re experienced in helping companies and institutions from emerging markets build national and international brands that are authentic and reflect their culture. We’re also adept at helping established brands from developed markets respond to the increasingly competitive global environment, helping them win in their battles for customers, talent and reputation.

So whether they are repositioning or refreshing their brand, reinvigorating their internal culture or launching something new, we help our clients with creative thinking and our tailored techniques of brand strategy, brand expression and brand experience.

Saffron’s team brings a wealth of experience in advising some of the world’s best-known organisations on developing some of the world’s highest profile brands. Our clients come from many different sectors, businesses large and small and from all over the world. They have one thing in common: they want to achieve something extraordinary. So do we.

  • Alfredo Fraile

    Managing Director Americas

  • Ian Stephens

    Managing Partner

  • Ian Stephens

    Managing Partner

  • Jacob Benbunan


  • Gabor Schreier

    Executive Creative Director

  • Corinne Myers

    Client Services Director