I am currently at Semcasting, Inc. and I could not be more excited about this new patented and innovative technology. Semcasting provides near 100% qualified reach for your online campaigns, while maintaining the highest standards of Internet privacy- 100% pixel free. We are able to do this with a modeling technology that maps the Internet delivery points of consumers and businesses at the IP level. Our platform is DEVICE INDEPENDENT, so whether audiences are at their desktop or on their laptops, mobile devices, or tablets, B2B or B2C audience targeting demands are have better qualified reach and cross targeting, no matter where or when the user is online. IP level targeting is a necessity for brand & agency marketers. Today, more than half of the consumers and devices block cookies which means you might only have access to 30% of any audience. That just doesn't cut it. Semcasting provides 100% end-user reach, rich data integrity and device independence.

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