GCI | iPhone 8 launch -- Bear!

Case Study

You can’t turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook without being bombarded with the news of the latest iPhone launch. That’s to be expected given Apple’s worldwide influence on our lives and the company’s can’t-live-without devices.

Yet, until recently, only national heavyweights like AT&T were allowed to create original TV to promote the launch of new Apple devices. This left regional carriers, like Alaska’s GCI, in the dark during highly competitive promotional windows. Though GCI became the first regional carrier to produce iPhone-specific TV spots in 2014, it was only after a new device was already out. That meant GCI still missed the lucrative new device launch-time window.

Not anymore. With the launch of iPhone 8 around the corner, GCI had big news. Alaska’s largest telecom would launch new device sales at the same time as the national guys. Finally GCI could also create a new TV spot to herald the excitement of the soon-to-launch iPhone.

Then came the real challenge: how do we create excitement about a product when we know nothing about it (iPhone features aren’t confirmed until launch)? All Apple enthusiasts know that the most tempting part of a hot new iPhone is the list of new features that go along with it.

So, instead of focusing on the features or aesthetics of iPhone 8, we told the story of the launch day excitement from the perspective of two Alaskans. Cue a spot that has tents, bears and, of course, iPhone 8. It was a way to set GCI apart in a highly competitive market by telling stories that are uniquely Alaskan.

And, even better news for GCI: while Apple demands the highest quality TV production values, Spawn’s approved spots cost a fraction of the price of national spots thanks to our resourceful team. That said, making history with Apple is great — but ongoing brisk sales of the iPhone for GCI is the real win here.