GCI | Seek More

Case Study

Spawn and our long-term client GCI continually work together to evolve the company’s brand and streamline its marketing efforts. So in 2017, when we approached GCI with an opportunity to make their new logo and brand (less than a year old at the time) easier to understand, like and consistently implement, they were open to doing just that.

Our insight was that, done properly, a single creative idea could speak to both GCI’s consumer and business audiences. We worked with our clients at GCI to develop a key message that spoke to its “trailblazer” brand: That GCI is a business that constantly strives to do more. And just as important, makes it possible for its consumer and business customers to do the same.

The result was a fresh campaign, “Seek More.”

New assets told a clear and emotionally compelling story. Each highlighted the ways Alaskans could feel limited (extra charges apply, additional shipping costs, etc.), then showcased how they deserved to feel instead. Generic tech-focused photography was replaced with images showing Alaskans “getting more” from life, thanks to the connectivity provided by GCI. The campaign was further enriched with a new custom GCI font and music featuring a popular Alaska Native group.

These ownable assets are part of a new library of materials that bring the brand to life with distinction. And this more compelling definition of GCI as the “Seek More” brand has made it faster and easier to develop, approve and implement exciting, brand-focused creative materials/campaigns for all target audiences.