GCI | Unlimited

Case Study

How does a brand make a splash when it’s not first to market?

That’s the challenge Spawn client GCI faced in September 2017. The telecom giant was unveiling unlimited data products, but faced a field of competitors that had been aggressively marketing just that for some time. GCI needed a strategy that would create buzz and convert customers in an already crowded space. And that’s precisely what Spawn’s “Unveiling Unlimited” campaign did.

The idea was simple: Highlight that GCI’s unlimited product came from a brand that understands Alaskans and delivers what they want. Creative featured recognizably local landscapes and promised speed and excitement while tying unlimited data to Alaska values, like being “Uncaged,” “Unlimited,” and “Unstoppable.”

Despite the challenging landscape, the “Unveiling Unlimited” campaign had instant impact. Two weeks of teasers — including out-of-home signage in storefronts and malls, social, digital, and owned media — drove nearly 2,000 people to opt-in online to learn what GCI was unveiling. And when the full campaign was released, sales of GCI’s most profitable wireless plans more than doubled over typical daily averages in the first two weeks.

The campaign continues to drive intense interest and win share from competitors like Verizon, AT&T and Alaska Communications.