Northrim | Beyond Banking

Case Study

Northrim Bank is an Alaska community bank. They’ve led the business-banking sector for over 25 years, but wanted to reach a broader consumer audience in 2016.

Spawn Ideas was asked to develop a single advertising strategy targeting both audiences.

Our insight was that, to Northrim, its customers were more to the bank than numbers on an account statement. So we created Beyond Banking, a campaign for busy business owners trying to find a healthy work-life balance – people who wanted help navigating both their business and personal lives.

In the ads, we created an authentic and beautiful Alaska world of paper financial documents transformed through animation to real-life images – like a bank statement folding into a fleet of trucks, or an ATM receipt becoming a fishing rod for a father and son on an outing. Digital media and traditional print ads cut through the clutter with the same eye-catching paper animation technique.

The campaign launched on Super Bowl Sunday in Alaska’s three largest markets. It continues statewide on TV and radio, and in magazines and business publications. Beyond Banking generated 85% recall among our target audience and helped spur a jump in Northrim’s Net Promoter Score to 30 points above the average regional bank.