Travel Alaska | It's Waiting For You

Case Study


In 2017, Spawn was awarded the Alaska Tourism Industry Association (Travel Alaska) business. Our goal was to promote Alaska as a top destination of choice and secure leads (vacation planner requests). However the state, in a prolonged recession, had slashed its tourism budget, leaving Alaska vying for traveler’s attention against much louder destination brands.

Our research uncovered a significant insight: Alaska, a highly desirable destination, is often perceived as unattainable (distance, enormity). This meant Alaska doesn’t necessarily compete with other destinations — it competes with time.

Past visitors of Alaska referred to the state as a dream trip and noted it could not be compared to any other place on earth. Desire to visit was strong. But for potential travelers, how do you push a bucket list destination to the forefront when Alaska is often put off because of the overwhelming amount of things to see and do?

In a series of interviews with past Alaska travelers, many described Alaska as “My happy place,” One participant stated “You can leave Alaska but it never leaves you.”

These insights inspired a campaign that leveraged emotional storytelling to convince prospects. Additionally, cultural trends like society’s thirst to unplug, connect with nature, be present and travel like a local were layered into messaging.