Spreadator is the top digital marketing agency in Hyderabad India. We provide result oriented services for the enterprise to grow their brand awareness and enhance brand popularity on the web.

We offer
1. Local SEO: Boost your company reach to the target customer demographic in your market and increase your profitability. Our qualified team manages your company profiles on popular web and social media platforms to provide useful information to target audiences.

2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We design SEO framework suits to your business, We focus on various SEO channels such as google, facebook, youtube, twitter, Pinterest which have a deep impact on where a company name appears on search engine result pages.

3. Social Media Optimization: Spreadator, we make use of social media to grab the attention of potential clients and build brand credibility.

4. Social Media Marketing ( SMM, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising ): Our Social Media experts would design powerful social strategy suits to your need to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and engage with the audience through your SOCIAL PRESENCE

5. Email Marketing: We design the best email marketing plan fits into business. There is no use of email marketing without the strategy of business it is like using GPS without any destination.

6. Pay per Click ( PPC ): Our Paid Advertising experts would help you to decide the right spending strategy and amount of budget to be allocated for PPC. Since Pay per click marketing holds the significant feature of budget control, and with that, it gives you a chance to make your marketing campaigns highly targeted as possible. The right amount of proper strategy could generate a higher ROI (return on investment) and could lead to one of the most profitable advertising channels.

Public Relations PR services: Enhance visibility and shape public perception to create a positive public image.

1.Media Management: PR agency supervises general activities, prepare and distribute daily press file and are responsible for helping companies achieve maximum exposure and build credibility.

2.Media Relations: PR agency provide newsworthy stories about a company, their services, and products.

3.Brand Reputation: Brands and reputation are always related to each other and thus a majority of brands contacts PR agencies to help build credibility for their brand. We position your company as leaders in the industry by managing negative reputation, improving brand perception and doing a lot more.

4.Corporate Communication: Public relation and corporate communication are mostly interrelated. Both necessitate that you excel in speaking, writing and possess an ability to know what critical information should reach people who need it and when they need it. We build bridges between different departments to make sure the communication flows smoothly.

5.Corporate Social Responsibility: PR agency provides companies a chance to build business credibility while addressing social and environmental issues.

6.Image Consultants: PR agency help companies to build credibility and convert their business into a brand by saying the right things at the right time in front of the right audience.

7.Media Training: PR agency help you become proactive, understand the psyche of the journalists and make sure to ace the interview.

Check out our expertise areas in Digital marketing & PR services: http://spreadator.com/our-expertise-in-public-relations-and-digital-marketing-on-various-domains/

1. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Political Parties or Politician
2. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Software or IT Companies
3. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Real Estate businesses
4. Digital Marketing and PR Services for E-Commerce businesses
5. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Fashion and Jewelry businesses
6. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Healthcare, Hospitals, and Clinics
7. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Pharmacy Industries
8. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Food Industries
9. Digital Marketing and PR Services for Education Institutions

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