Connecting is everything. Evoking an emotional and experiential connection with your brand is, at our core, “everything”. We believe it takes the sum of all parts to create greatness and brand messaging that truly connects with your customers. You are more than just a company providing a service. You are a brand that represents a culture and a solution that propels others to greatness in fulfilling their goals.
Discover, learn, motivate, and achieve to create your “everything”.


Strategy Marketing Group is a full service marketing consulting firm offering a wide variety of cohesive brand building services that elevates our clients to the next level in developing a deeper more meaningful connection within their industry and with customers. We provide designs and strategies across multiple platforms to include Live Events, Trade Shows, Corporate Interiors, Web Design, Digital, Printed Collateral and more.


Strategy Marketing Group is your source for Events & Trade Shows. We are a full service consulting firm backed by 12 years of experience in Custom & Modular Trade Show Exhibits, Rentals, Outdoor structures, Graphics, AV & Integrated Technologies, Event Staffing, Show Services, Logistics, Strategic planning, and Project Management. Our experience encompasses everything from auto events, multi-industry trade shows to exclusive private events. Whether you need a 20×20 Modular Exhibit, 100×50 Custom Exhibit, Branded Outdoor Structure, 2000 person Private Event or Custom Interior, we have you covered with comprehensive solutions that complement your existing program and team for maximum results.