#AxThePinkTax Case Study

#AxThePinkTax Case Study

European Wax

Case Study

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Business Situation
Although European Wax Center (EWC) is the market leader in out of home waxing salons, waxing services have been plateauing or contracting over the past five years. Against this backdrop, EWC needed to build increased brand awareness and favorability to solidify its current customer base and support continued expansion.

EWC needed to create a platform to give women more of an emotional connection to the brand. EWC stands for confidence, which starts when you feel good in your own skin. And confident women stand up for what they believe in.

EWC believes in a level playing (and paying) field for women, and so they identified The Pink Tax as an issue to tackle. The Pink Tax is a premium—sometimes as high as 48%—charged on products marketed specifically to women. Women pay, on average, $1,351 more a year than men for similarly functional beauty products.

So, the brand issued a rallying cry to #AxThePinkTax.

We drew inspiration from how real-world movements organically build, specifically the Women’s March from the year before: Start with the most engaged audience, then through a phased approach, bring in new women until you reach a critical mass.

First, the Progressive Pink Base: Socially engaged and affluent women who’d be incited by the Pink Tax and serve as our megaphone.

Second, Brains & Beauty: Women who consume beauty, culture, fashion, and current events content. In other words, EWC’s current customer base.

Finally, women 18-49 with a high index for news, politics, comedy, and beauty. Our broadest reach.

Through a phased approach, we built a movement to #AxThePinkTax.

We incited the base with highly targeted podcasts, digital, and social that touched on women’s rights issues and female representation in tech.

As the audience grew, we partnered with publications like Cosmopolitan and Refinery29 who have zero timidity when writing about issues which affect women. Most impactfully, we tasked Cosmo with capturing the reactions of men and women when learning about the $1,351 Pink Tax.

EWC was able to drive significant business with the Pink Tax campaign, achieving total sales growth of 33% versus the previous year and same-store sales of 27% versus previous year in the month that the #AxThePinkTax campaign ran. Many of these sales were also from entirely new customers, with new guests growing 15% versus the previous year.

The campaign allowed EWC to grow unaided awareness by 7 points and aided by 13 points. Favorability also jumped 9% versus the previous year.