Sparkling Ice @SXSW


Switch wanted to help Sparkling Ice stand out in a crowded space – both the crowded physical spaces of the events we’ll be attending, and the crowded space of the sparkling water market. To do this we wanted to show that Sparkling Ice is different than its competition and is a product that can activate all of the sense.

Consumes are looking for more immersive and meaningful experiences, especially at events like SXSW. The days of simply throwing products at people as they walk by are over. Consumers want to be inspired and entertained, even if for a moment. So, we created an experience that does just that.

The 5 senses became the inspiration for the space, so we created 5 distinct experiences within the footprint, once for each of the senses. Consumers can step inside and find a moment of relaxation and engagement while getting a taste of Sampling Ice flavors.