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Oculus had a business goal to sell 2M Quest 2 headsets in just 11 weeks. Given only 3M had been sold over the course of 8 years, this was going to require disruption.

We had to build relevance with a wider audience; from niche gamers who are more familiar with VR tech, to mainstream (console) gamers. Our mission then, was to convince the mainstream gamer to adopt and embrace a new technology and gaming experience.

We married our category insight of traditional gaming and gamers being confined to buttons, wires, joysticks, being seated, flat graphics, squared screens with our product insight that the new Quest brings more of the game to you and more of you into the game, to create our disruptive platform of playing for real.

To bring that platform to life, we literally turned viewers into players through an immersive ecosystem unleashing the player to Play For Real. We produced and executed a 360-degree campaign; literally thousands of assets, including everything from film that invited our audience to step into the game by inserting them into the experience of VR to immersive AR social content as well as an influencer engagement program.