Travelers x Unfinished Stories


Case Study

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Travelers is the insurance company that cares. Their promise is: “You’re in the company of care.” Travelers Institute — which has a mission to engage in public policy — wanted to create an authentic campaign that would educate on the dangers of distracted driving, and ultimately save lives. Done effectively, this would also demonstrate that Travelers really cares. Rather than showing up with a check — the company wants to prevent accidents altogether.

Each day nine people in the US are killed by distracted driving. Rather than using scare tactics, we celebrated victim’s lives in storytelling and released the campaign just before Thanksgiving, the deadliest holiday on the road.

Working closely with real victim’s families, we created the Unfinished Stories campaign. The first wave featured the unfinished stories of a singer, an Olympic caliber runner, and a soon to be grandfather. In the second wave of the campaign, we told the story of Zaadii.