Client Start Year End Year
Chipotle 2005 2008
Patagonia 2012 Current
L.L. Bean 2009 2011
Daiya Foods 2013 Current
Ascent Protein 2015 Current
Noodles & Company 2012 2015
CleanWell 2013 Current
Deschutes Brewery 2014 2016
Newton Running 2006 2015
Merrick Natural Petworks 2013 Current

TDA_Boulder is an independent advertising agency based in Boulder, Colorado that was named Outside Magazine's Top 10 Best Places to Work in 2015. Our client roster includes Patagonia, FirstBank, Daiya Foods, Deschutes Brewery and Merrick Pet Care. We are a 27-year-old agency, well-known for our award-winning design work, for brands such as IZZE Natural Soda and Justin’s Nut Butter. We've also has had the unique opportunity of partnering with brands before and after their IPOs such as Chipotle, Cannondale, Crocs and Noodles & Co.

  • Thomas Dooley

    Thomas Dooley

    CEO, Executive Creative Director

  • Jonathan Schoenberg

    Jonathan Schoenberg

    Co-owner, Executive Creative Director

  • Constance DeCherney

    Constance DeCherney

    Director of Strategy

  • Jeremy Seibold

    Jeremy Seibold

    Creative Director

  • Christi Clark

    Christi Clark

    Director of Client Services

  • Samantha Johnson

    Samantha Johnson

    Media Director


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