Laredo Taco Company – Importante – Spanish

Laredo Taco Company


  • TV/Video
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • branding
  • Hispanic
  • OOH
  • Texas
  • c-store
  • convenience

For years, taco lovers poured into Stripes’ c-stores for authentic, hand-made tortillas and delicious fresh-made salsas. What those taco enthusiasts didn’t know is that their beloved “Stripes taco” was actually being served by an unknown QSR concept called Laredo Taco Company (LTC). LTC had zero brand awareness and no recall. This is where we came in. Ampersand created the FOR THE LOVE OF TACOS branding campaign, to connect with LTC’s loyal fans (men, mostly Hispanic). We tapped into cultural insights & respect for our hero –the handmade tortilla. The result? Total taco domination!