OREO Thins Protection Program


Case Study

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Coming off the successful OREO Vault campaign in October 2020, we were asked to develop another breakthrough campaign for OREO under the same brand messaging, to “Stay Playful.”

Way back in December, Congress hid a strange article in the COVID-19 relief bill requiring the Pentagon to declassify all they knew about UFOs within the next 180 days (by June 27th). Take it back even further to 2019, when we saw extraterrestrial curiosity peak across pop culture and social conversation, beyond niche UFO aficionados. And it clearly didn’t end then. Our goal was to capitalize on this mass cultural resurgence.

Now that we could assume there were other lifeforms out there, we wanted to make sure our species, and theirs, got started off on the right foot by extending an olive branch to get Earth’s number 1 cookie in the hands of extraterrestrials. OREO has one mission in this world—to bring and keep people together, no matter their differences. Now with this new information, our mission just got bigger: bringing all lifeforms together. To bring this idea to life, we made a crop circle in Kansas, brought fans in on Twitter to decide the final Offering, from the type of milk to cookies, and all of that was reflected in the final film.

With more than 60 original pieces in just three days, we got 100+ million impressions and 2.3 million views.