Verizon Best for a Good Reason Case Study

Case Study

  • Social Media
  • Brand Strategy
  • Multicultural
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Culture Insights
  • Campaign Launch

The world of major wireless carriers is a non-stop war to be the best network. And while people know Verizon is America’s #1 network, the competition constantly attacks Verizon and undermines its standing with fake news and half-truths. Competitors talk more to shape perception, whereas Verizon does more to be the best, and we need to continue to tell this story in 2018.

The Verizon network is maintained by engineers for whom “being the best” is not a function of ego; it is how they operate. Not for bragging rights, but to ensure Verizon’s customers can communicate anytime anywhere. Because these engineers know that staying connected enhances people’s everyday lives and their ability to do more in this world.

We not only needed to show the reason why Verizon is the best but also the people who make it happen to back up this claim. We launched the #BestForAGoodReason platform to share Verizon’s story one video at a time, through Verizon’s engineers. Using real people, real locations, and real reasons, we leveraged a local-up approach, allowing us to highlight why Verizon is the best—engineer by engineer, city by city, town by town, even block by block. To make this happen, we created a 24/7 newsroom with reporters, producers, and creatives all working together with the engineers of Verizon to tell their stories, often in real-time.

What started as a biography online of the network turned into a full 360° campaign including TV placements during the World Cup and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

-Consideration, purchase intent, and value perception increased by 26 points
Positive perception of the brand as a network that is one step ahead increased by 22 points
-61% completion rate on YouTube (200% above benchmark) 138MM million views and counting
-Verizon remains America’s #1 network