Reebok: SickKick III


Case Study

  • Social Media
  • Product Launch
  • sports marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Video Campaign
  • hockey
  • celebrity brand matching

Equal parts Sidney Crosby and Sickick III, The Hive created a series of spots showing Sid doing incredible things with the new stick; things that bordered on being impossible, but with the best hockey player in the world, you just never know.

Each video was designed to showcase a specific attribute of the 11K Sickick III: A) explosive release; B) deadly accuracy; and C) enhanced blade through shaft feel. We deliberately stretched the bounds of traditional performance and took the spots into the surreal. The kicker of course is that it’s Sid’s stick and that pretty much means anything is possible…The spots themselves were shot to reflect more of an informal, “behind-the-scenes”, feel, as opposed to a traditional slick and polished brand product spot.

The series was launched on Reebok’s website and Facebook page, as well as released on YouTube.Taking on a life of their own, the spots were shared and debated by millions. They even appeared on TV with panels of sports desk shows on ESPN, VERSUS, TSN and CTV having the same debate. In total we garnered over 60 million media impressions for zero media spend.

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