GoFundMe // "Big and Small" (:60)


  • Social Good
  • Greater Impact

GoFundMe is the top charitable fundraising platform, but faced a ceiling to its growth and impact. Consumers perceived it solely as a tool to help with disasters, emergencies, and tragedies. They were largely unaware of the fact that the platform could be used for more regular and smaller scale occasions.

While catastrophes draw obvious attention and more easily build momentum for solutions, smaller opportunities to help are all around us. Consumers just needed the inspiration to act. In fact, those smaller efforts can be the most uplifting.

Our “Big and Small” campaign showcased the local causes GoFundMe users rallied around. The different causes were of all sizes, including those we see all around us every day.

After the campaign launched, GoFundMe saw a 18% increase in “small” campaign starts and a 45% increase in platform traffic.