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With over 300 million unique monthly visitors, TripAdvisor is the largest travel site in the world. While the company's name is virtually synonymous with travel reviews, that was becoming the problem. Despite having evolved their business model to include hotel price-shopping and booking, consumers’ understanding of the brand was so entrenched that they needed the power of mass communication to change perceptions. Simply put, TripAdvisor did not want to be known only for reviewing travel—it wanted to be known for transacting it as well.

In 2017, TripAdvisor partnered with The Many to launch a global campaign to help address the new positioning, reshape the brand's image, and change the public's perception.

As both a mechanism to deliver concentrated content and an unmistakable visual embodiment of TripAdvisor, the spunky little character, "Little Wiser", was developed to represent the brand. Serving as TripAdvisor’s endearingly-English-accented spirit animal, the globetrotting owl travels the world with an insatiable appetite for amazing hotel deals and a penchant for explaining how to get them.

In addition to the new visuals, The Many crafted multiple brand mnemonics—audio, animations, catchphrases, stings—that led to the highest brand registration, message communication, and customer response in the company’s eighteen-year history.

To-date, The Many has helped TripAdvisor achieve record benchmarks across every advertising metric. Most recently, the brand enjoyed a 10-point increase in brand consideration and understanding.

As a testament to the campaign’s success, The Many and TripAdvisor have launched a new round of TV ads geared towards raising awareness around the brand’s hotel booking service. With a total of 32 spots across eight different countries, the Little Wiser campaign continues to change the brand’s perception from simply a review site to a one-stop travel booking destination.

As TripAdvisor continues their battle against the $500 million advertising spend of Trivago, Little Wiser is leading the way with the right mix of brand, response, and likability, to build momentum for the brand’s new transactional travel focus.