World Surf League // Chaos Theory


  • TV/Video

When WSL approached us, they were a newly branded organization and wanted to bring new participants to the sport and encourage non-surfers to become fans. The problem was that dozens of brands like Quicksilver and Roxy had already co-opted the sport. Surfing had become known broadly as a lifestyle and a fashion look rather than being known for athleticism or competition.

In order to create a competitive narrative among non-surfers and help WSL break through in an unexpected way we created a campaign that pulled viewers out of the trendy ‘surf scene’ and into the real surfer’s mind. We launched, “You Can’t Script This” to capture the exciting and unpredictable elements that occur in surfing and make it unique vs. other sports. This elevated surfing and gave non-surfers a reason to become fans.

The results? A 12-point lift in brand awareness and a 10-point
increase in brand affinity.