• Media Kitchen CEO Barry Lowenthal Talks TikTok

    Media Kitchen CEO Barry Lowenthal Talks TikTok

    The Media Kitchen CEO discussed the pending sale of TikTok's U.S. assets and how it will affect advertising with "Search and Performance Marketing Daily."

    MediaPost, 08/28/2020

  • How Much is Too Much Personalization?

    Everyone knows what it is like to be browsing the shoes you have been eyeing, only to be retargeted with that exact item minutes later on another device. In this instance, the consumer has shown specific interest or intent for that product. Personalization ushered the consumer along the consideration path they are currently on. But, if the consumer has not shown any sort of intent for a specific product or service, should the advertiser use broad signals to pre-select a product or service from their portfolio for the consumer? If we use broad signals to identify consumers as better suited for one product over another, are we forcing them down a path that may not be right for them because we do not have insight into specific traits? For example, if an advertiser sells 4 different products, are traits like age, demographics, income or profession enough for the advertiser to show this consumer only one specific product? This raises the very important question; how much personalization is too much?

    Advertising Week 360, 08/26/2020

  • Five Ways to Reduce Confirmation Bias in Advertising – Advertising Week 360 • AW360

    Confirmation bias has been widely observed (if not well understood) fact of human psychology for many years. These days we frequently hear about it in the context of polarized political opinion and people’s tendency to trust and believe only those facts and messages that align with their existing worldview.

    Advertising Week 360, 08/13/2020

  • 3 Lessons From The TikTok Controversy 08/19/2020

    3 Lessons From The TikTok Controversy 08/19/2020

    TikTok's success and the challenges it's faced offer unique insight into the changing social media landscape.

    Marketing Insider (MediaPost), 08/19/2020

  • Getting Into OTT And Other New Channels? Here’s How To Expand Your Client’s Comfort Zone | AdExchanger

    Getting Into OTT And Other New Channels? Here’s How To Expand Your Client’s Comfort Zone | AdExchanger

    "On TV And Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is written by Clair Bergam, associate director at The Media Kitchen. Imagine your client’s direct response business runs like a well-oiled machine. They depend on you to target certain customers with certain products, which you do with... Continue reading »

    AdExchanger, 08/24/2020

Client Start Year End Year
Daikin 2020 Current
Bee Charging 2019 Current
Together We Stand 2020 Current
Canadian Women's Foundation 2019 Current
Chop Steakhouse 2020 Current
Ontario Power Generation 2012 Current
Pillway 2019 Current
Maru/Matchbox 2017 Current
Ivy Charging Networks 2020 Current
Cargill - Nutrena, ProElite, Poultry, Pet (Dog + Cat), Beef 2017 Current

Media Kitchen is a global full-service media planning and buying agency with offices in New York, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montréal and Stockholm. We plan and buy all forms of media including online and offline video, audio, print, out-of-home and digital – including programmatic, mobile, search and social. In order to protect our client's investments we've developed an expertise helping clients build customized and transparent ad-tech stacks.

Leading brands in this tech-driven, customer-centric, data-obsessed world choose Media Kitchen because they need an agency that’s digital at its core with innovative approaches to targeting, creativity and collaboration. Media Kitchen’s success comes from its core belief that the most powerful solutions come from data-informed insights. Rather than blasting messages at uninterested, irrelevant audiences, we harvest current intent-based customer signals before seeking to generate new demand. We call this approach Signal Planning, and to optimize this, we customize tech stacks to help our clients mine insights and manage investments.

4 key ingredients enhance our culture — 1. Our hiring philosophy - To work at Media Kitchen, you have to be great and nice. 2. Our approach to collaboration - While creative and media too often work in silos, we are fully committed to the collaboration of media and creative that results in exponentially more powerful brand experiences. 3. Transparency - All great relationships are built on trust and transparency. We instill transparency into every action we take. We don’t mark up ad tech or media and we clearly identify dedicated retainer-based client teams. Our chefs are well informed on the state of the agency, and we have several anonymous feedback systems to keep leadership well informed of employees’ wellbeing and happiness. 4. Our Empowering Structure - Our values are supported by a horizontal structure and agile, flexible teams focused on results. While some chefs have more experience with one type of media, our multi-modal staff knows how to plan and buy all types of media. Our chefs understand how everything works together and apply learnings quickly across activations.

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