Founded in 2004, Translation is a full-service communications agency with a reputation for helping Fortune 500 companies thrive in contemporary culture. The agency is dedicated to delivering transformative ideas that push past the limitations of traditional marketing, fundamentally changing the way a brand resonates with consumers in the global marketplace.

Businessweek once called us “the McKinsey of Pop Culture,” and this quote still captures the heart of what makes us unique. Informed by equal parts analytical rigor and an unmatched pop cultural sensibility, we harness an array of capabilities to help our clients thrive in the world of contemporary culture.

Because of our unique philosophy and our unique capabilities, our creative success stories span the spectrum of contemporary culture. We are equally adept at creating everything from cutting-edge advertising campaigns to wildly popular music festivals to documentary films to all points in between.

Our culture-leading creativity unites consumers from all demographics and ethnicities, and as such our experience spans the range from lead agency responsibilities to ethnic marketing to music marketing and beyond.