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Together with our client, VJ created the Centura Health Pioneer. He represented Centura Health’s first-ever patient in Colorado, back in the 1800s. He spoke credibly about what Centura Health meant to Colorado over the past century, in layman’s terms. Because, frankly, he couldn’t speak any other way. To introduce the Pioneer as a character, as a person, as the consumer’s guide to modern healthcare, we crafted video and print executions that were funny, but made serious points about benefits only Centura Health could offer. To make our integrated effort successful, the Pioneer had to lend his unique voice to real-world situations and social media platforms. But being made of cardboard, he was, quite literally, one dimensional. So we invented the Cardiac Crooners. This group of singers dressed in pioneer garb hit the streets and sang songs to passersby. They celebrated joggers, bikers and just about anyone eating a salad. And their antics translated into social media, where we teased their latest music videos and showcased the reactions they got from real people. The Cardiac Crooners earned 1.2 million social media impressions in just a couple weeks.

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