Gift Giver's Manifesto


  • e-commerce
  • Retail
  • Holiday
  • Confectionery

Giving the perfect gift is an art form. There’s a lot of thought, creativity, and feeling that goes into it. Coincidentally, all of these aspects are true in the making of Enstrom toffee. For the 2019 holiday campaign, we created a manifesto-style spot that showcased the parallels between making and giving the perfect gift—Enstrom toffee.

The spot featured beautiful footage of the pivotal moments in the production, packaging, delivery, and ultimately, gifting of Enstrom toffee. Over this artful imagery, we layered a manifesto-styled voiceover to talk about the care that goes into selecting the perfect gift.

This storied campaign helped deliver a 4.5% boost in revenue across all channels, with e-commerce leading the pack.