Today We Work for Tomorrow

Colorado Springs Utilities


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Colorado Springs Utilities has committed to cutting its carbon footprint by 80 percent before 2030. The organization has also made significant investments and infrastructure improvements to conserve water and increase renewable energy use. Debuted in April 2021, “Today We Work for Tomorrow” is a multimedia campaign that portrays the municipal utility organization’s work to ensure reliable electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater services for generations to come.

Videos and imagery pair with voiceover and copy to emphasize how Colorado Springs Utilities works hard to support its Pikes Peak neighbors:

Today, we work.
For your nursery, to ensure there’s a water supply for future generations.
For B-sides, powered by renewable energy.
For family recipes, with innovative ways to help you save at home.
For Colorado Springs, as we cut our carbon footprint by at least 80% before 2030.
Today, we work for tomorrow, because this is our home, too.