In 2018, two accomplished marketing and communication companies — VML and Y&R —were united to deliver a contemporary, fully integrated offering on a global scale. Today, VMLY&R is a global brand and customer experience agency that thrives on creating work that brings people together. We harness creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands that drive value for our clients and touch lives around the world.

So we resist the usual ways of seeing, thinking and doing. We question everything, using data and insights to reimagine the entire connected consumer experience. From this, we create work that brings brands closer to customers, customers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world.

  • Jon Cook

    Jon Cook

    Global CEO

  • Eric Campbell

    Eric Campbell

    Global President

  • Beth Wade

    Beth Wade

    Global Chief Marketing Officer

  • Amy Winger

    Amy Winger

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Debbi Vandeven

    Debbi Vandeven

    Global Chief Creative Officer

  • Amy Worley

    Amy Worley

    Chief Connections Officer

  • Jason Xenopoulos

    Jason Xenopoulos

    CEO, NYC and Chief Creative Officer, North America

  • JJ Schmuckler

    JJ Schmuckler

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Andrew Demitriou

    Andrew Demitriou

    Chief Executive Officer, VMLY&R EMEA

  • Chuck Searle

    Chuck Searle

    Chief Client Officer

  • Stefan Himpe

    Stefan Himpe

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Michael Stitch

    Michael Stitch

    Chief Business Officer

  • John Mulvihill

    John Mulvihill

    Chief of Staff

  • Jon Bird

    Jon Bird

    Chief Executive Officer, VMLY&R Australia & New Zealand

  • Ronnie Felder

    Ronnie Felder

    Chief People Officer

  • John Lynn

    John Lynn

    CEO & Regional Director, LATAM

  • Michael Sussman

    Michael Sussman

    CEO, BAV Group

  • Jeff Geheb

    Jeff Geheb

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Jarred Cinman

    Jarred Cinman

    CEO South Africa

  • Fernando Taralli

    Fernando Taralli

    Chief Integration Officer, LATAM

  • Craig Braasch

    Craig Braasch

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Suba Nadarajah

    Suba Nadarajah

    Global Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion [employee + community + client]

  • Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    Executive Director, Capability Development